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Feed the Future Now aims to provide children a nutritious diet, a fulfilling education and a bright future

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Feed the future now

September once again brings to the forefront the issues of malnutrition and child hunger in the country. Celebrated as the National Nutrition Month, this month spotlights the fight against malnutrition.

To support children from our vulnerable communities and their families, The Akshaya Patra Foundation has launchedFeed The Future through September. This fight against malnutrition is especially important today, as the country battles the coronavirus pandemic,where the economic fallout has left millions devastated.

The Feed The Future movement works towards social change based on the premise that every child deserves a nutritious diet, a well-rounded education and a change at a brighter future.With current events pushing more and more families into poverty, the next generation will be destined to suffer from malnutrition, exacerbating long-term health issues, if they do not receive aid right now.

Feed The Future aims at creating a sustained momentum for a nourished India. This is a seminal movement to bring us together on a common platform and commit to the cause of a ‘Nourished India, Educated India’. Based on three pillars – Awareness, Nutrition and Education, the campaign seeks to create a rallying call-to-action and promote policy advocacy as well as Read More


  • 28 May

    Feed the Future Now launched on the eve of World Hunger Day

    On May 27, 2017, the eve of World Hunger Day, Akshaya Patra launched a nation-wide movement called Feed the Future Now – this campaign is supported by nine leading corporates and the Government of India. Christened as ‘Feed the Future Now’, this




Nutritious meals are
prepared in 54 kitchens


We are present in 12 States
and 1 Union Territory in India


Fed 1.8 million children
a day as on 25 March 2020


Over 76 million meals served between 25 March and 13 August 2020


As India continues to battle the pandemic, the economic impact has been devastating on our vulnerable communities, exacerbated by schools being shut and directly impacting children who depended on the Mid-Day Meal they received every day. To counter child hunger, Akshaya Patra has begun to deliver Happiness Bags to students enrolled in government schools. Every Bag contains dry rations, educational supplies, and hygiene products for children, including sanitary packs for girls. The cost of each box amounts to ₹550/-
This Nutrition Month lets come together and strive toward protecting children from malnutrition, and their families from hunger, while giving them the chance to continue to learn and grow through the pandemic.



Since 25 March, The Akshaya Patra Foundation has served cooked meals and delivered dry rations to the economically disadvantaged. This is being done through the Foundation’s network of centralised kitchens and delivery vehicles, working with central and state governments, and local civic authorities. One cooked meal costs ₹20/-, and an Essential Grocery Box costs ₹825/-, the latter providing a family with 40 meals.



*The pilot programme saw Happiness Boxes being distributed. The shift was made to Happiness Bags in the effort to Go Green, while offering families an additional product that’s reusable.


BKT has been collaborating with Akshaya Patra since 2014. For us, it was the natural evolution of the support projects we had already started for the most vulnerable segment of society: children. The close collaboration with The Akshaya Patra Foundation has allowed BKT to fully understand the phenomenon of “classroom hunger”. To meet and defeat the challenge it is necessary to ensure constant commitment over time, feeding our children who represent the next generation of Indian citizens. All children should have the opportunity to grow up healthy and receive appropriate education, building proper tools to face life's challenges and aspire to a better future. BKT has built automated kitchen at Bhuj (Gujarat) and will stand with The Akshaya Patra Foundation to pursue these goals together, with passion and determination.

Arvind Poddar, Chairman & Joint Managing Director, Balkrishna Industries Ltd


With Akshaya Patra Foundation we have an experienced partner operating at a scale that has helped us address two big development challenges – School Attendance and Nutrition. We have also realised that when children eat and learn together, it helps build a sense of community and equality between them. We have been associated with Akshaya Patra for several years, supporting the refurbishment and operations of three kitchens across Rajasthan and Gujarat, that have been serving mid-day meals to 41,200 children every school day.

Ziaa Lalkaka, CEO, H T Parekh Foundation


The number of children who do not attend school in India is in the millions, especially in rural parts of the country. Deutsche Bank has partnered with Akshaya Patra for the past six years, and supports the Mid-Day Meals of 40,000 children in Bangalore and Jaipur. Our partnership aims to increase the number of school-going children in the rural sector, using the Mid-Day Meal as an incentive for children to want to go to school and for their parents to send them. The Foundation’s two-pronged approach to educating and nourishing our youth is commendable and will shape our nation for generations to come, helping reduce poverty in the long run. Tying up with Akshaya Patra has also given our employees the opportunity to support this wonderful cause through fundraising and volunteering activities.

Khurshed Dordi, Chief Operating Officer, Deutsche Bank India