About Us

The Feed The Future movement works towards social change based on the premise that every child deserves a nutritious diet, a well-rounded education and a change at a brighter future. With this movement, Akshaya Patra hopes to garner support from the public and private sector, media and society at large, so that it becomes a common mission for the Government, corporates, development sector partners and individuals. Feed The Future aims at creating a sustained momentum for a nourished India.

A child may consume food with empty calories– a phenomenon known as ‘hidden hunger’. But, the lack of essential nutrients can have an irreversible impact on a child’s overall development, including delayed motor development and impaired cognitive function, leading to poor school performance.

Over the next two decades, India will have one of the youngest and largest working-age populations in the world. However, for the nation to fully capitalise on this demographic dividend and enable it to participate productively in its domestic as well as global economy, it is critical for India to invest in the human and cognitive development of its children. This will happen only if malnutrition is addressed urgently and immediately.


Why Aid is Imperative through the Coronavirus Pandemic

A staggering 115 million children in India are at risk of malnutrition, as the world’s largest school lunch programme has been disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic. Source


How We Can Do This

  • Build a collaborative multi-stakeholder campaign and ensure an increase in pro-nutrition investments
  • Create awareness drives on the problem of hidden hunger
  • Advocate Right to Food, and address region-wise nutrition requirements and education for all


Join the movement, and together we can protect a generation of children from malnutrition and hunger. To support Feed The Future, click here.