Feed the Future Now is a nation-wide movement to end classroom hunger. Through the means of school-lunch programme, we reach out to millions of school children across India to ensure they are fed with nutritious meals. This also means we are increasingly tackling hidden hunger – a lack of essential vitamins and minerals.

While the movement aims to serve 5 Billion Meals by 2020, we are looking forward to receiving helping hands! As a step towards change, you can join Feed the Future Now movement.

Our volunteer programme aims at building our capacity by implementing a person’s skills, vision and determination. You are welcome to apply in a preferred location by filling up the application form.


- Help our kitchen staff to help prepare mid-day meals
- Join a department at our offices and help us mobilise and organise
- Help us with our field work by visiting schools and kitchens
- Help us draft programmes that could be implemented in kitchens and schools

You can also become a cyber-advocate with us by:

- Subscribing to our updates/newsletters and sharing them with friends and family
- Promoting our campaign on social media networks
- Introducing the cause to different communities
- Spreading the word with banners

*Please note that all volunteering opportunities are subject to availability. To process your application, one of our representatives will get in touch with you.

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