World Hunger Day 2018

Feed The Future Now is a movement for social change based on the premise that every child deserves a nutritious diet, a fulfilling education, and a bright future. It is a seminal movement to bring everyone on a common platform and commit to the cause of ‘Nourished India, Educated India’. While the challenge is large, it is also heartening to note that there are several committed individuals and institutions working on solving the big challenges of Hunger, Malnutrition in their own unique ways.

In line with our philosophy of “Collaborative Impact”, Feed The Future Now is committed to enhance the sense of camaraderie and fellowship amongst these different individuals and institutions to build synergies & amplify our collective impact. We strongly believe that this sense of togetherness in the big fight against hunger will encourage all to keep up their good work and to support each other to do even better.  

Feed the Future Now in its second year of campaign seeks to recognise and felicitate individuals and institutions that have made achieving Sustainable Development Goal #2 ‘Zero Hunger’ their mission through ‘Nourish the Change’ awards, an award instituted in partnership with UNGC. These awards are a token of appreciation and recognition for the individuals and institutions that are making a difference to the society.

The awards ceremony to be hosted on the occasion of World Hunger Day 2018 will also serve as a platform to share and exchange ideas and learn from each other, rekindling the sense of camaraderie and collaboration.

Date : 28th May 2018
Venue : The Lalit, New Delhi
Time : 6:00pm onwards

For more details – please contact :
Eshita Mehta